Bread! Carbilicious and Dangerous to the Waistline

So, you want to lose weight.  But, are you aware how many carbs is in a slice of bread?  How about if you have a sandwich.  The average slice of bread has about 14g of carbs.  Now, if you have two slices in a sandwich, that means you are eating 28g of carbs–minimally.  If you want to have between 50 and 100g of carbs a day to lose weight…then bread can be a problem.

I pretty much gave up bread.  I only have it once in a blue moon and when I do, it is carefully selected.  I found that I am wheat sensitive and gluten sensitive, so with the way that wheat is made now (Google Frankenwheat or look at my blog on it, I try to avoid it.


My top 5 choices of bread.

1.  Western Bagel’s Perfect 10 Bagel.  10 net grams of carbs vs. 45 of a regular bagel and about 30-35g of their alternative bagel.

2. Western Bagel alternative Pita and English muffins are lower in carbs, but I would not eat them often.

3.  Tortilla shells that are low carb in the 4-7 net grams of carb range.  Trader Joes and Costco does sell them.  Markets sell them.

4. has breads that are Smart Carb (in the 3 to 5 net gram area) and Paleo Bread that is Zero Carbs.  The zero carb ones are pretty bland, but are ok if you make french toast out of them or use them with cold cuts.  Toasted is really boring.  But, you can go gluten-free this way.  Whole Foods and specific low carb food places sell them.  Google them. sells them too.

5.  Sara Lee 45 Calorie Whole Wheat Bread.  Not gluten free, but only 7g of carbs per slice and it is tasty.

So, you can’t complain that you can’t find decent bread choices.  But, if you choose to continue to eat regular bread, you might never lose the weight.  Most people who I know who have weight isssues seem to continue to eat taco shells, burrito shells, toast, cereal, sandwiches.  Maybe they would lose it like I did if they remove it from their diet and only insert one of the above only once or twice a week?  It worked for me.

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