8 Ways to Help Yourself From Pigging Out on Carbs at Thanksgiving

How to avoid the temptation of sugary or carby holiday foods:

Rather than try to overly obsess about our food decisions, it’s better to change the environment so that it works for us rather than against us, making it easier to make decisions to eat less

1.  Let people know in advance that you are eating differently and ask them to have (or you bring) things that you can eat like meat, veggies (not smothered in sauces and soups), fruits, cheese and salad.  (If they don’t care about your diet, then you bring what you have to in order to show some self-love!)

2.  Stay away from crackers, breads, candied fruit items, pies (unless you bring your own low carb pie or ice cream dessert or they provide one for you.

3.  Drink, drink, drink– water and diet drinks a lot.  Stay away from cider and sugary things to drink.

4.  Eat some protein before you go to dinner so that you are not so hungry that you will pig out on whatever is there. (turkey, chicken, cheese, a protein bar, nuts, etc)

5.  Grab the smallest plate and fill that, rather than filling a large plate with food.  No refills, except for salad.

6.  Eat meat and veggies, limit fruits.

7.  Don’t sit close to the food buffet–avoid temptation.

8.  Don’t eat the appetizers and wait for the meal.  Most appetizers are calorie/carb laden.

BE STRONG and know that you are doing something that will make you happier the next day.

Last year, for Thanksgiving, I had a salad, fresh turkey breast, gravy, veggies and a low carb ice cream and I was not only full and happy, but I didn’t gain weight the next day and it was delish.  Can you say the same thing?  This year to spice it up, I am going to try to make twice baked cauliflower and cheese and maybe a low carb pie, not sure yet.  But one thing is for sure, I will be happy on the scale the next day and I didn’t put off my weight loss or maintenance for some lame holiday pig out excuse.  You try it too!


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