Plateau Day means DISCIPLINE

I gained a couple of pounds and I want them GONE.  My body doesn’t want to let go this month, so it is time for the PLATEAU diet.

Breakfast:  Half a grapefruit, and an egg.
Snack:  Liquid protein
Lunch:  Salad with grilled ahi (white fish), some cooked spinach, half a grapefruit.
Snack:  Liquid protein
Dinner:  Same as lunch.
Snack:  Liquid protein.

Sometimes this is a bit hard, but I supplement with a lot of coffee!  I should lose weight by tomorrow.  I will post how I did.

SO, here is the skinny on the test of my motivation and ability to say “NO” today!!   I went to Poquito mas for my salad and fish.  They threw some delish looking chips in my bag.

Guess what I did with them?

Yep!  I grabbed them before I would make the huge mistake of sabotaging my diet and I tossed them in the trash.

Before you cry and think–what a waste of chips!  I will tell you something!  Wasted carbs and no nutrition.  They are USELESS.  (by the way, that is a building garbage bin and that is NOT my pizza box)


1 tortilla chip is almost 2 whole carbs.

DID YOU HEAR THAT?  ONE chip is almost TWO carbs.  That is INSANE!  No wonder why I was fat.  I used to love tortilla chips.  So, they are now in the TRASH.

You have to want to be thin.  This means that there are SACRIFICES to be made.  I ate today, but it is limited and measured.  I will have to do this again for one or two days depending on how the scale looks tomorrow.  If I went down a pound or two from what I saw this morning–I can give it up, but if not, I will do it again tomorrow.  It is not forever and I will live.

Why did I pick election day to be disciplined?  I don’t know.  It has been a stressful day, but I want to stay thin!

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