5 RULES for daily eating to lose weight and stay in Ketosis

After checking with your doctor before you start……

1.  Eat protein 6 times a day, spaced out over 3-4 hours.

2.  Kinds of protein:  3 solids, 3 liquids. The protein should be something solid like an egg or cheese in the AM, then liquid protein, then something solid for lunch like some meat, then a liquid protein, then repeat for dinner–something solid and then lastly, a liquid protein.  Serving sizes:   https://skinny-rules.com/2012/09/23/size-does-matter/

Do that for 3 days.  It is hard when your body is used to more food, but you will be burning big time and you have to shock the body into Ketosis.

3.  Fourth day, you can introduce two servings of veggies per day and two servings of fruit per day.

Here is my blog where I talk about serving sizes:  https://skinny-rules.com/2012/09/23/size-does-matter/

4.  Drink fluids.  Anything that is dietetic.  Do not drink anything with calorific sugar or fruit juice.  If you have coffee, no milk, just non dairy creamer and only a little per cup.  If you have milk, then you use low fat and you have to measure it out and you take it away from one of your proteins per day, which sucks and which is why I got used to non-dairy creamer.  I never wanted to lose a meal for some lousy milk!

5.  Take Multi-Vitamins, especially with B Complex and Potassium, DAILY!  I take Potassium separately, daily.

Tomorow:  I will disccuss how to break a diet plateau, when your body gets stuck and doesn’t want to move on the scale!



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