When you buy food or eat out: Do Your HW!

When you go to the market and you eat out, always know what you are buying and eating.  Once you start writing a few things down and do it for a week or two, you start to memorize certain numbers.  It doesn’t take long.


Always refer to  food nutritional chart for restaurants and for food items before you buy or eat.  Most chains have their nutritional information online or available in their restaurants, including the devilish fast food places (there are healthier choices there, like salads).

Ignorance is NOT bliss in eating out.  Buyer Beware.  Stick with 50-100g of carbs a day if you want to lose weight.

There are many sites online that will tell you what you are eating carb-wise.  Just Google what you are wanting to eat and where, with the words “nutritional information” and usually the information will pop up.

Here is a site to find out what is in every day foods:


Remember, you can eat bread a couple of times a week, but you have to choose the right bread. LOOK at the labels.  Sara Lee 45 calorie bread and Julian Bakery make low carb breads.  Western Bagel has a Perfect 10 bagel.


You can eat some of the things you used to eat, but just different brands.  Sometimes you will have to look online to buy low carb versions if your store doesn’t carry them.  Netrition.com and Carbessentials.net carry stuff, as do many other sources, including Lindora.com.  Just do your HW, buy accordingly, and you will lose weight!  Remember:  50-100g of carbs a day max, if you want to lose weight.  Eat 6 small meals a day that include proteins, two servings of a small salad and four small servings a day of vegetables, and two small servings a day of fruits.



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