I have heard a lot of great reasons for not losing weight.  Heck, I have had a few myself.  I have heard things like, “I don’t have time,” “I will do it tomorrow,” “I am going on vacation and have to enjoy myself,”  or “I am too depressed.”  My question:  Do you really enjoy or feel better being heavier than you want to be tomorrow?  So, how is eating whatever and not losing weight going to make you feel tomorrow?  Pretty crappy, right?  There is a sense of accomplishment when you get on that scale and you see it move downward!  You have to have positive thoughts that you will stick to your plan, no matter what or you can derail your diet. When you catch yourself making self-defeating excuses, shoot them down by saying, “If I want to be healthier, thinner, and more energetic, I have to follow my diet-and-exercise plan.”  You can go to events, but bring  your own snacks with you or find healthy things to eat there.

I can tell you this!  Many of us are more carb sensitive than we realize.  I had NO idea that it was carbs that were packing on and keeping the weight on me until I went on the Lindora diet of low carbs.  I have to stay low on carbs or I will gain.  Here I lost all of the weight after a lot of effort and when I go out and eat only HALF a waffle with lite syrup, I get on the scale the next morning and I am up 2 pounds!  Seriously, 2 pounds?  Then, I have to watch the food I eat and stay away from breads, rice, etc and it goes back down about 2-3 days later.  Could you imagine if I was eating a carb like that every day.  I would put the 40 pounds that I gained back on.  So, you have to realize that your body cannot handle the white breads and some of us can’t handle any breads or rice or we blow up.  We have to learn how to get around it.

I have switched to having the low-carb crepes from Trader Joes and Costco and I am doing great and with the stuff that I cook in them on the stove, I really feel like I am having a delish burrito without all of the carbs and the scale guilt the next day.  We don’t have to give up carbs, but we have to learn how to eat them differently.  We have to get the special low carb versions of items like tortilla shells, bagels and bread.  I have done blogs on those items and what to get.  But, we still have to count carbs daily and keep it in the range of 50 to 100 to stay slim.  I am back down to my normal number now, but thank goodness I have this knowledge about getting the right kind of carbs, I would be ballooning up again.

Stop making excuses and just admit that you have a problem and go with the advice that works for others!  Remember, once on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!


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