I have seen the light! Crystal light, that is!

Too many people get their calories and carbs from drinks.  And I think that is a waste.  I rather eat something tasty if I am taking in carbs.  So, I am always looking for lite versions of tasty beverages because I am not the biggest fan of plain water.  So, my suggestions are usually not the healthiest, like Diet Soda or flavored beverages with ZERO carbs.  My sister- in-law turned me onto Pepsi Max with no carbs or sugar and that will keep you awake!  Also, I really like coffee with Splenda and I always use NON DAIRY creamer in my coffee to save the protein calories for something more tasty like FOOD!

I am sure I will hear from the “health” people out there on what is good for you!  I take my vitamins and I eat well, but with all of the arsenic in the soil where our plants grow–fruits, vegetables and now even rice (see Google for details), I figure what the heck do I care if I am drinking Diet Soda?  It is probably not even as bad as the natural stuff–unless I am rich enough to buy only organic items, which are not genetically modified, growing in tainted soil.  So, I will eventually die one day, but I will be the “skinniest person in the cemetery”, as they say…but all kidding aside, this is about better choices to stay skinny, not about perfect health products.  And truth be told, I think tons of sugar and carbs is way hard on the body and so, the Diet Soda can’t be worse than screwing with your pancreas and brain on a daily basis with sugar rushes and going on the sugar roller coaster.  A can of regular Coca-Cola has about 10 sugar cubes in it.  That is insane!  And obesity is a killer too.  Ok, so I digress…

Anyway, when I see things that you can have that are diet worthy, I feel that I have to share the wealth.  I wrote about True Lemon for flavoring water and I did a whole blog day on things you can drop into your water….but here is something I found that is inexpensive.  I have seen the light!

For less than $8, at at Costco, you can buy either a variety pack of flavors of single serving Crystal Light packages for your drinks, or you can buy the larger pitcher-sized mix packages for lemonade.  (There are smaller versions of this at Target and other stores, as well).   Who said that staying thin has to cost a lot of money??  The one on the left, you can bring places with you and drop into your water……..and the other one is for keeping in the fridge at home.  Easy and inexpensive.

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