Sometimes you need a little Italian!

I was in the mood today for some pasta.  But a regular small serving of spaghetti is about 35g of carbs WITHOUT the sauce.  You can get high protein, low carb pastas on the internet or a low carb store.  Lindora, for instance has one that tastes great and is about 5g of carbs.

So, I cooked the pasta, heated up a little marinara sauce.  Check the bottles, some are higher than? others.  You can always buy low carb online (Netrition.come or for instance).  But, mine was about 8 carbs per half cup.  I mixed that up and sprinkled a little ZERO carb cheese on top, which made it so delish!  Anyway, about 13 carbs for my delicious lunch.

Who is suffering on a diet?  Not me!

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