Emergency Food Supply

So, you didn’t plan ahead.  You ran out of the house and brought no snacks or lunch.  What to do?

1.  Keep nuts and seeds or low carb protein bars (like Power Crunch)  at your desk, in your purse, or in your car.  You can eat a handful of them (not the whole jar).

2.  You can grab some cheese or hard boiled eggs and run out the door with those (try to keep them in supply at home)

3.  If you must run through fast food out of desperation:  Always look for chargrilled chicken-type things.  Some places do chargrilled nuggets or strips upon request.  I know Chick Fil A does.  In fact, attached is my food run today, as my husband is busy and I wanted to pick up a quick lunch and go home to assist my dogs.  I bought the Chick Fil A Chargrilled  Chicken Salad.  http://www.chick-fil-a.com/Food/Menu-Detail/ChickfilA-Chargrilled-Chicken-Garden-Salad#?details=ingredients  It is only 11g carbs.  I do not eat the croutons at 9g carbs for the bag.  I do like the sunflower seeds at 3g of carbs.  Watch the dressing.  I love the honey mustard dressing which has a lot of carbs, but I use it sparingly.  Their balsamic vinaigrette has no carbs.  So, use your discretion.  However, this is a wiser decision than getting the chargrilled chicken wrap at a whopping 50g carbs and the Chargrilled Sandwich at 36g carbs (the bun!).  And their classic Chicken Sandwich is 42g carbs.

Choose your junk food wisely and sparingly!  Always look at the nutrition lists that most places have hanging up or are available by request.


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