When you fall off of the wagon

Today, I had to put my old dog, Joey, down.  His nickname was Joey, B.O.D., bag of donuts.  My husband came up with that, not sure why, except it sounded Italian like Joey is an Italian name.  However, it had nothing to do with real donuts.

It is hard to stay eating a healthy plan when you had a trauma or a sad situation happen.  It is easy to run to the  comfort foods.  However, I am sticking to the plan.  My falling off of the wagon today is not something that will bring  Joey back and it will not make me feel great later.  I can no longer use sadness as an excuse to eat some spaghetti…….but I do have some replacement pasta noodles from Lindora.com (anyone can buy them) and you can also get them from Carbessentials.net, Netrition.com, and other low carb sites online.  Also, if you get a low carb pasta sauce or watch how much you use, you can actually have your so-called “comfort food”, but well-proportioned and guilt free.

I will be putting up recipes soon for things like mashed potatoes and pizza, that is made with cauliflower instead of the wheat or potatoes.  These are comfort foods too, but without falling off the wagon.

But, if you do fall off of the wagon, for whatever reason, get back on immediately.  Forgive yourself and move forward.

Joey hiding under the bed bench!  Hope he is being loved by my father in heaven right now!

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