Do not leave the house until you have protein in your pocket!

It is important to eat or drink six low carb, high proteins a day, mixed in with a few vegetables and a small fruit here and there.  These meals are spaced out to about every 2 to 3 hours, to keep your metabolism running.  If the protein is a meat, it has to be around 4 ounces to lose weight.   But, sometimes, it is hard to plan because you might be on the run.  If you skip a meal, you are only hurting yourself and slowing down your metabolism.

Today I had early class over 30 miles away from my house.  I made sure that I prepared the day before.  I could have made a salad with a protein, but I bought a prepared one from Chick Fil A.  Maybe too much sodium, but it was grilled chicken (not breaded) and all in all, with the dressing , it was less than 20 g carbs.  That was my lunch and I took it with me.

I grabbed a hard boiled egg for breakfast and some coffee (no carbs) and I took a protein bar (Nature Valley Protein with dark chocolate and peanut butter), which was 14 carbs.  I ate that two hours in from my hard boiled egg and an hour later, I had the salad.

I had another protein of grilled chicken with veggies (no carbs) when I got home.  So, I prepared and I didn’t eat a bunch of carby junk.  Total for my four meals=34 g carbs.  Two more meals included a chicken salad (about 5g carbs) and some Carbolite frozen dessert at 16 g carbs.  Had a few nuts too, adding up to about 10 g carbs.

Total for the day of carbs was about 65 g carbs.  Not bad for a day on the run!  I was never that hungry either because every time you think that you are getting hungry, it is time for another protein hit.  This way of eating is totally do-able!



You can eat healthy on the run.  Always have the right kind of snacks with you.

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