USDA Food Pyramid Guide Crock

I have tried for years to lose weight and felt doomed to being overweight. Nothing was working. I thought, this is it. I have a bad metabolism and I am cursed. I don’t do drugs or anything wacky. I just found out the RULES and I just eat differently and it works! I am skinny (the right weight, not super skinny! My body mass index is 20) since March, 2012! People stop me and ask me how I did it. I decided I needed to do a blog.

My history: I was a chubby kid. Somehow, in my last year of high school, I was skinny and felt really good and finally got boy’s attention. I managed to stay skinny for a few years, married my husband and gained it all back plus more. I have been overweight by about 20 to 35 pounds since 1987, especially after I also had come down with Hypothyroidism and Fibromyalgia.

I have tried every diet I could find. Jenny Craig twice, Nutrisystem three times, South Beach, Atkins, my doctor’s list of do’s and don’ts, Weight Watchers, etc. My doctor told me at every exam that I needed to lose weight. AS IF I NEVER TRIED? I watched what I ate, tried vitamins, did cleanses and always bounced back and forth and look bloated. I watched other women getting compliments on their figures and I always felt like the fat one in the room. I avoided many social events because of how I felt I looked in my clothes. It was really depressing.

Then, I went to Lindora Medical Weight Loss Center in October, 2011 and lost almost 40 pounds. I am exactly at the right weight! I have been at my goal weight now since March, 2012. I am on maintenance and I am doing fine. It started out just being a little hard because I had to come to accept that I had been doing everything wrong for the past 20 years or more! After I discovered that, I felt anger that I was bamboozled by the USDA and their crock of crap food pyramid guide. I thought that I had to eat grains, and all they did was make me fat, sick and miserable. See attached link. USDA Food Pyramid Guide Crock

ImageI will blog daily about what I did to lose the weight and what you can do too if you want to by skinny too. It won’t cost you anything. I will share all of my knowledge with you. You can follow it or not, your choice. But, I can tell you that it worked for me and the friends I have who have followed it too. I will write about great recipes, ways to lose and keep it off, plateaus (which are normal) and how to break them. You can lose weight and be successful!

Tomorrow, I will write about grains and carbohydrates, and give some RULES.

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