To Get Thin and Stay Thin, You Have To Think Thin

7 Tricks to getting and staying thin:

Thin from Within pic

1.  Do you want to be thin?

You have to want to be thin.  Most unsuccessful dieters rely on diets to make them thin. They want the diet to make them thin rather than become slim through the diet.  Many people think that they don’t have the willpower to lose weight.  It is in your power, you have to want it. Don’t tell yourself that it is too hard, because the power of suggestioin will win out.

2.  Do you make food the center of your life?

Stop using food as a way to deal with feelings.  Many people eat out of boredom, anger, frustration, lonliness, feeling scared, depressed and basically unloved.    Think of five activities that you could do intead of eating.  Make a list.  Don’t combine all activities with eating.  When, I feel like eating, I go for a walk, use my elliptical, go to my workout classes, go on the computer, call a friend…….find things to do that distract you from food.  When I feel like I want to eat, and it isn’t time yet, I eat a piece of cheese, but I have coffee or tea.  That helps soothe out the need to eat and gives your lips something to do.  Meet people to do something athletic (hike or bike), or at a coffee shop and only have coffee or tea–or bring your Greek yogurt with you.

3.  Can you tolerate hunger:

Feeling hungry is not a disaster.  You need to overcome the feeling that you might die if it is not time to eat yet.  Have a drink of water or other low-cal beverage.  Learn to stop eating WHILE you experience the hunger.  It will go if you give it time.  Don’t give into it.

4.  Do you have bad body image?

You have to believe you will be thin to make it happen.  Then, if you follow the rules and have a positive mindset, it will happen.

5.  Did you set  an achievable goal?

Don’t set an unreasonable goal or you will feel like a failure and give up.  You can always reset goals, once you achieved a reasonable one.  Don’t go crazy.  I wanted to lose 30 pounds and once that I saw I did it, then I upped it to 10 more.

6.  Did you up your physical activity?

A sedentary person cannot at the same amount of food that a phyically active person eats.  If you ant to lose weight, and not eat very few calories, you have to pick up the pace.  Do even just 15-20 minutes of something a day.  Walk the dog!

7.  Can you imagine something gross or distateful when you look at something decadent like a cookie?

It helps to use aversion to lower your desire for food.