Walking to Skinny–Convert Your Day to Walking!

So, you think you don’t have time to walk, even just 15 minutes a day!  Well, thanks to Purdue University, there is a converter of every day activities and sports that can be converted from time alloted to the activities into steps.  Remember, that if you do more than 10,000 to 12,000 steps a day, you are doing great and on your way to skinny (as long as you eat a healthy balanced diet, based on the “rules.”  If you are eating starches, sugar, more than 6 fist-sized, low-fat proteins a day, more than 4 smalls servings of veggies and 2 small servings of fruit a day and going over the 50 to 100g of carbs per day limit–then you will have to step a lot more to lose that weight.

Here is the list:


Use this chart to convert activities that are not easily measured by a pedometer. Multiply the number of minutes you participated in the activity by the number indicated in the chart.  Use only the timed, converted steps for your step count. Do not also include the pedometer steps if you were wearing your pedometer while performing the activity.

PLEASE NOTE: Conversions are estimates; your actual steps may vary

Activities Steps/Minute* Activities Steps/Minute*
Aerobic dancing class 127 Mowing lawn 120
Aerobic fitness class 181 Painting (a room) 78
Aerobics, low impact 125 Pilates 91
Aerobics, step 153 Punching bag 180
Backpacking 181 Raking lawn/leaves 121
Badminton, casual 131 Racquetball, casual 181
Badminton, competitive 203 Racquetball, competitive 254
Ballet dancing 120 Rock climbing 244
Baseball 130 Rollerblading 156
Basketball, game 145 Rowing 147
Basketball, recreational 130 Rowing machine 212
Bicycling, easy pace 130 Rugby 303
Bicycling, moderate pace 170 Running, 12 – minute mile 178
Bicycling, vigorous pace 200 Running, 10 – minute mile 222
Billiards/pool 76 Running, 8 – minute mile 278
Bowling 71 Sailing, boat and board 91
Bowling on the Wii 61 Scrubbing floors 71
Boxing, non-competitive 131 Scuba Diving 203
Boxing, competitive 222 Shopping 70
Calisthenics 106 Shoveling snow 145
Canoeing 91 Skateboarding 102
Cheerleading 100 Skeeball 52
Children’s playground game 136 Skiing, light/moderate 109
Circuit training 199 Skiing, cross-country 114
Climbing, rock/mountain 270 Sledding 158
Cooking 61 Snowboarding 182
Croquet 76 Snowmobiling 106
Dancing, class 109 Snowshoeing 181
Dancing, salsa/country/swing 109 Soccer, recreational 181
Dancing, party 109 Soccer, competitive 145
Drill team 153 Softball 152
Electronic sports, Wii/PS3 91 Spinning 200
Elliptical trainer 203 Squash 348
Fencing 182 Stair climbing, machine 200
Firewood-carrying/chopping 60 Stair climbing, down stairs 71
Fishing 91 Stair climbing, up stairs 181
Football 199 Stretching 15
Frisbee 91 Surfing 91
Gardening 80 Swimming, backstroke 181
Golf, carrying clubs 109 Swimming, butterfly 272
Golf, powered cart 80 Swimming, freestyle 181
Grocery shopping 67 Swimming, leisure 174
Gymnastics 121 Swimming, treading water 116
Handball 348 Table tennis 120
Hiking 172 Tae Bo 250
Hiking, orienteering 232 Tae Kwon Do 290
Hockey, field and ice 240 Tai Chi 40
Home/auto repair 91 Tennis 200
Horseback riding 90 Trampoline 90
Horseshoes 71 Vacuuming 94
Housework, light 72 Volleyball 91
Ice skating, general 84 Walking, stroll 61
Ice skating, moderate 122 Walking, average 84
In-line skating 190 Washing a car 71
Jogging 181 Water aerobics 116
Judo & Karate 236 Water polo 303
Jumping rope, fast 300 Water skiing 145
Jumping rope, moderate 250 Waxing a car 80
Kayaking 152 Weight lifting 67
Kickball 212 Wrestling 145
Kickboxing 290 Yard work 89
Lacrosse 242 Yoga 45
Miniature golf 91
Mopping 60

* Steps/Minute equals steps per minute.

Use a pedometer to measure steps if you desire.


What a great excuse to enjoy cleaning your house now!


Short Walks to Weight Loss

Exercise Doesn’t Have to Be Intense or Long

I have met a lot of people who say that they have NO time to exercise.  They get up really early for work, work hard all day and then by the time they get home (with their long commute), then it is dark out, their kids need help with HW, they need to make dinner, etc.

But, here are my thoughts.  If you don’t exercise at all, you will wear down your immune system, metabolism, your mood, your libido and eventually–this will all affect your relationships with family, spouse and friendships.  You will be out of shape and have medical issues and this will also lead to mental health issues.

If you want to feel happy, feel good, you need to exercise to help with the production of serotonin, but you also have to eat right in order for serotonin to be produced properly.  If you eat bad foods and have a bacterial imbalance in your gut, then your serotonin will be off too!  I have noticed that people who don’t exercise, get sick more often, as well.

According to Livestrong, “Approximately 75 percent of this chemical is located in cells of the gut, where it regulates intestinal movements. The rest is synthesized in neurons of the brain; it’s here that serotonin influences mood. High levels are associated with an elevated mood while low levels are associated with depression. Though many neurotransmitters work in harmony to influence mood, serotonin is one of the most important. Its levels are influenced by external factors, such as sunlight, diet and exercise.”  http://www.livestrong.com/article/22590-effects-exercise-serotonin-levels/

So, if you want to control your intestinal issues, mental health, your heart, blood pressure and more–and live longer and be there for your family (the ones you are killing yourself for), you have to find time, 5 days a week for at LEAST 15 minutes a day.  You don’t have 15 minutes?


Walk For 15 Minutes a Day

Some think to get the full benefit of a good workout, you need to be sweating for a full 30 minutes — or longer. But with so many people struggling to find a spare 30 minutes, researchers have begun to investigate if a shorter sweat session could be just as good.

A 2011 study found when compared to sedentary people, 15 minutes a day of activity, like brisk walking can add 3 years to life expectancy, according to Reuters.


Kick It Up a Notch

Intense aerobic activity may double the years of life expectancy added by moderate exercise, according to a 2005 study.   Five days a week of walking for 30 minutes led to 1.3 to 1.5 additional years, The Washington Post reported, but intense exercise, like running half an hour five days a week, resulted in almost 4 extra years. 

So, instead of eating at your desk or out with people, WALK somewhere.   You can even walk to get your food or coffee, but walk.  If you can’t find this time at all when you are at home, then minimally, take 15 minutes a day for a brisk walk.  Do it at lunch or one of your breaks at work.

My sister-in-law wears a pedometer and she counts her steps in a day.  It is said that in order to be healthy,  you need to step around 12,000 steps a day or more.  This can be counted from just walking to your car, to your desk, to the bathroom, going around your house picking up toys.  It doesn’t have to be counted all at one time, in one place.
Here is a link to a site that will show you how walking helps you lose weight and how to keep track of it for your personal goals.  http://www.pbs.org/americaswalking/health/health20percentboost.html

Keep walking!  In fact, I am ending todays’ blog and going right to my elliptical for an hour.  But, I have done less time on it…..the idea is to do something!