Junk Food=Junk Brain (leads to anxiety/depression)

Eating junk food can actually change the brain, spurring symptoms of anxiety and depression if you stop consuming it, according to a new study in mice.



Researchers from the University of Montreal found that mice fed diets high in sugar and fat had different chemical activity in their brains and exhibited more signs of withdrawal if they stopped eating it, compared with those fed more healthy foods.

“The chemicals changed by the diet are associated with depression,” study researcher Dr. Stephanie Fulton said in a statement. “A change of diet then causes withdrawal symptoms and a greater sensitivity to stressful situations, launching a vicious cycle of poor eating.”

They found that the mice fed the high-fat diet were more anxious at the end of the study, and also had higher levels of the CREB molecule, which is known to play a role in dopamine production (dopamine helps promote feelings of reward).  They also gained weight and the changes in the brain occured before obesity.

This is certainly not the first time junk food has been linked to negative effects in the brain. A Neurology study published last year showed a relationship between having high blood amounts of trans fats anddecreased performance on brain functioning tests, as well as decreased brain volume.

“It’s clear that trans fats are bad — both for your heart and now, we see, for your brain,” the researcher of that study, Dr. Gene Bowman, of Oregon Health & Science University, told HuffPost Food.

It is recommended that people stay away from all trans fats. If  there’s vegetable shortening, partially hydrogenated anything… just put it down.  You will have some withdrawal, but let it pass and eat healthy food and avoid future issues with messing with your brain chemistry.






Obesity May Change Your Brain!

Obesity may change how the brain is hardwired, impairing the blood-brain barrier and affecting memory and learning skills, indicates a study from American University in Washington, D.C. According to the data, the changes in the blood-brain barrier may encourage overconsumption of fatty foods and those full of refined sugar, resulting in what researchers call “a vicious cycle.”  And at some point, the damage can be permanent.

“What I think is happening is a vicious cycle of obesity and cognitive decline,” Terry Davidson, director of American University’s Center for Behavioral Neuroscience, said in a statement. “The idea is, you eat the high fat/high calorie diet and it causes you to overeat because this inhibitory system is progressively getting fouled up. And unfortunately, this inhibitory system is also for remembering things and suppressing other kinds of thought interference.”
Read more: http://www.voxxi.com/obesity-brain-learning-skills/#ixzz2EyRyU6qf

I can’t help but think of the line from Animal House about being fat, drunk and stupid.  I had no idea that obesity could actually result in cognitive decline.  This might be even more of a good reason to lose weight.  You will be healthier and STAY smart….and don’t add in drinking either!