I bought these on Monday.  I was super excited.  I was impressed that they had everything that I like.

They have protein (6 grams)

They have nuts, they are high fiber (7 grams)

They are low carb 14 grams) and that means that 14g of carbs minus 7 grams of fiber is only 7 net carbs.  

They have chocolate!!

They have sea salt, yet are low sodium(110 grams).

They are very similar to Kind bars, except that you get 30 bars in the box for under $17 and they are less carbs, as far as I know.

I have to say that they are delicious.  Not too big, and the right amount of chocolate, sea salt and nuts.  AND a great low cal protein for your one of six protein snacks (meals) per day.

And they are kosher too!

I recommend them highly!

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