Dieting is Not Going to Fix Your Weight Issues

diet lifestyle


You diet, you lose….but then you go back to your old, bad habits and gain.  Then, you repeat this vicious cycle.  This is not good for your health or psyche.  You have to change your lifestyle.  Detox off of sugar and carbs and once your brain/body are used to it, then it is easy to eat healthy and enjoy your food.  I love a really good tasty salad, a good burger protein-style wrapped (no bun), good barbecued vegetables that are cooked with olive oil and a little parmesan on top.  I love a great omelette, sausages, coffee, meatballs, etc.  There are really delicious things out there, but you have to learn what they are, where they are and learn to cook.  Experiment and try new things.


Get a good Paleo style or low-carb cookbook and learn.  Don’t be afraid to step out of what you know to change your life–to feel and look better, without getting ill or die young just because you are afraid of what life would be life without Doritos or a baked potato!  Go back to earlier parts of my blog and learn new things, recipes, etc.  Learn to shop better too.


JUST LEARN and stop being so lazy and only sticking with what you know.  Stop being so boring too!  No one is keeping count if you cook something and it didn’t come out perfectly.  Just do it!


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