Do You Have a Burrito Butt?

It amazes me how ignorant we all have been made to be by the food industry–enough to become addicted, overweight and obese.

I see people think it is normal to scarf down a huge sandwich, burrito, sub sandwich, etc. and even with a bag of chips or French Fries.  Many of these people are women, small men and many of them are not eating in preparation for a marathon.  They are eating this way because it has become the norm to scarf down large portions and carbs.


I went to a deli recently, and the size of the food is outrageous.  People are not sharing, they are eating the whole thing.  I know a 5″2 woman who was eating large Chipotle burritos and having a bag of chips too.  Is there any wonder why she was over 50 pounds overweight?

If you keep in mind to keep your portions down and your carbs to between 50 and 100g a day to keep slim and to lose weight, then you have to make a lifestyle change and get off of the crazy train of bad eating habits.  You have succumbed to modern eating and it is bad for you, and good for the food industry.  You have been conned.  Don’t let them win.  You are the one who doesn’t fit into nice clothing and you are the one to suffer from medical problems.

Chipotle uses a nutritional calculator on their site, where you build a meal of your choice and you can see what you are eating.  For example, the burrito shell is 46g of carbs ALONE. Rice is an extra 34g of carbs.  Beans are 22g of carbs.  You put ALL of that together before you add the vegetables and protein (which have hardly any carbs), you are at 102g of carbs.  You will gain weight that day.  I always have the salad bowl with no rice and beans and it is about 8g of carbs.  See the difference?

You have to stop letting your body crave beans, rice, flour, corn…….all high in carbs and will be doing crazy things to your blood sugar.  Otherwise, the food industry wins and you LOSE.  We have the internet, use it and look up what you are eating.  Stop living in denial.  Be informed.

P.S.  A bag of Chipotle chips with NO guac is 72g of carbs and has no nutritional use. YUM??



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