Super Shred?

My rules are different from this, but since it was on a medical website, I thought I would post it.  It has some similarities to my plan (mine is counting carbs), but this one does have you eat a snack every few hours.  It is called the Super Shred Diet.  Claim:  Lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks.  On my diet, which becomes a way of life and is not a fad diet, you lose about 10 pounds per month, but it is healthy.


Shred: In a nutshell:  An example schedule.  You eat every 2-3 hours.  In the example: Eat one hour after you get up and then every 1 1/2 hours. At your 11:30 snack, you wait to eat for one more hour again, then 3 1/2 hours later and then 3 hours later.

7:30 A.M. Awake

8:30 A.M. Meal 1

10:00 A.M. Snack 1

11:30 A.M. Snack 2

12:30 P.M. Meal 2

4:30 P.M. Meal 3

7:30 P.M. Meal 4

A typical day as outlined by Super Shred Week 1 involves:

breakfast consisting of one piece of fruit (an apple, raspberries or strawberries), and a choice between oatmeal or 2 egg whites. One cup of water and one cup of green tea or hibiscus tea are “musts” for the morning, and a cup of coffee (with no more than one packet of sugar or one tablespoon of milk) is optional.

A few hours later, the participant can eat a snack, such as a granola bar, grape tomatoes, or fruit.

Meal 2 can be either a protein shake or fruit smoothie,

and meal 3 is a large green salad.

Finally, dinner has to consist of two vegetable servings, as well as a 5-ounce piece of protein such as lean beef, chicken, or turkey.

You don’t have to eat perfectly, just eat better. The diet even includes diet sodas such as Diet Coke, and a piece of bacon along with one pancake . In the fourth week, there are two slices of pizza that the dieter can eat: the key is portion control, and eating these “treats” in moderation.

If you want to learn more, here is the link to his book:


Personally, I like my diet better and it is free.  I have no book to sell. Just do a search on “Rules” on my blog and a bunch of rules will pop up.  Still have kept the weight off for two years now!


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