No Need to Diet if you Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Ok, today is the first day back to work in 2014.  There are some healthy lifestyle changes that you can make.



 Here are six easy suggestions for healthy lifestyle changes in 2014


1.  You have to drink more water.  It keeps your metabolism going and it keeps your hunger level down.  Have water at your desk, in the car and wherever you go.

2.  You need to exercise!  Even just walking 30 minutes a day will do it.  You don’t have to join a health club.  Thirty minutes will increase your cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your bones, reduce fat and boost your endurance while increasing muscles.  You don’t need someone to do it with you.  Put on a headset or earphones and listen to music if you hate being alone, but get out there and walk around the block enough to get in 30 minutes, or do this at lunch time instead of eating at your desk or running to fast food.  Bring your lunch (don’t stuff yourself) and eat it and then go for a walk.

3.  Get sleep!  It helps with depression, replenishing energy and helps you not feel hungry and eat because you are tired and bored. Research shows how a lack of sleep can lead to overeating.

4.  Try using coconut oil.  It is great for your health, boosts metabolism and helps for a healthy immune system.  Cook, bake and even moisturize with it.


5. Eat your veggies or make a green juice daily.  You need chlorophyll for your red blood cells.  Use dandelion greens in  your drink to help detox your system.

6.  Use sunscreen while you are outside and getting your Vitamin D (helpful for everything in the body), but watch out for skin cancer.


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