Holiday Travel or Any Travel Diet Survivial Guide

When people go away on vacations or day trips, they usually just hop in the car after last-minute packing and they are not prepared nutritionally for their needs.

When you eat properly, you need protein every 3-4 hours.  You need two small vegetables at lunch and two more at dinner.  You need salad twice a day.  Fruit twice a day.

But, without preparation, you ran out, probably without eating anything and then you are hungry and stop off for junk food.


survivalSo, here are some easy strategies to prevent diet sabotage:

  • Plan and Prepare.  Leave yourself plenty of time and remember that all that rushing around can beat down your immune system and make you sick.
  • Take your Supplements.  Especially nutrients such as zinc, vitamins C and D, probiotics and omega-3’s.  These help buffer your immune system and keep you strong when exposed to germs on planes, etc.
  • Pack an Emergency Food Kit.   I never leave home without a healthy snack or mini meal to keep my blood sugar balanced.

FOOD LIST: You Can Pack and Take with You:

1.  Small preprepared and measured out packs of raw almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews and/or pistachios
2.  Small bag of cut carrots or celery with snack-sized containers of hummus
3.  Can of wild salmon or sardines (I can’t do this because I hate this!)
4.  Hard-boiled eggs
5.  Healthy whole food protein bar (eat half in morning, half in afternoon)
6.  Bottle of water
7.  A prepared set of bags of berries, some bananas or apples (sliced apples is ok too)

And when you can stop somewhere, work on getting in more salad, veggies, fruits with some protein, other than fast food junk.  French fries are not a vegetable!


And have fun!  Your bowels will thank you later.

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