The Skinny on Healthy Skin Food

Here’s how to keep your skin looking radiant and your waistline trim.

Make sure you’re eating at the right time. Space your meals out evenly throughout the day (so don’t skip breakfast and don’t wait more than three to four hours between eating). This keeps your blood sugar stable and helps protect your skin’s collagen and elastic tissue.  Stick to protein meals (eggs, meat, milk, nuts, some veggies)

For periodic breakouts, cut back on dairy products, which have been linked to acne; just be sure to get your calcium elsewhere. If you can’t break your dairy habit, reach for skim milk (even better: soy or almond milk).  Almond milk is lower in carbs too.

If you suffer from rashes or redness, cut back on pickled and fermented foods (including tofu, soy sauce, sausage, and beer), as well as foods that stimulate the production of histamine (like egg whites, seafood and shellfish, and nuts). If you consistently choose face-friendly foods but you’re still struggling with breakouts, rashes, or other skin issues, another health condition may be to blame, and it may be time to make an appointment with a doctor to discuss your concerns.

Eating your way to better skin doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, eating pizza (when it’s light on the cheese, heavy on the tomato sauce, and loaded with veggies) can whip your skin into Cover Girl shape.

Fast food is not good for the skin.  Sugary foods, fatty foods, fried foods and processed foods are not good for the skin.

Here is a chart of healthy skin foods:  Keep portions in control, especially the carby carrots and sweet potatoes.  (Remember: Two portions of veggies a day and two portions of fruits a day.  6 portions of protein a day.)


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