Juice Drinks: Healthy and Diet Friendly?

I thought that I was eating so healthy when I was gaining weight and when I was about 40 pounds heavier and dying to lose weight. I had my facts all messed up. I guarantee that you have the facts wrong too. Let’s look at some “healthy” foods, which are not so healthy and how they also are making you fat.

Today we will start with one Not So Healthy Food, JUICE DRINKS

Have you ever looked at the labels on your fruit drinks?

Bottles mention serving size at the top of their nutrition label. You might think that the whole bottle is a serving size, but actually if there are two or three servings in one bottle, then you have to multiply the label information by the amount of servings in it–if you plan to drink the whole bottle (as many of us do).

I know someone who thinks that Odwalla and Naked Juice is good for their diet. In those drinks, the fruit is genetically modified and that is a whole other health issue.

Fruit is not the only ingredient in those bottles, and many of the other ingredients are not good for you. The amount of carbs and sugar in one serving is usually staggering. I believe that in my example’s one serving, there was about 50 or more grams of carbs–and he drank more than one serving (the whole bottle). There was the equivalent of about 11 whole sugar cubes in his drink. Would you willingly eat 11 sugar cubes?

Naked juice was in the news recently for getting in trouble for labeling their product as “all natural,” when it isn’t. These products are not honest. Now, they have to remove that from their label.

Jamba Juice is another scary choice. Between too much fruit (fructose sugar), sherbet or ice cream, and milk—a serving can be about 100g of carbs. The lighter versions, “Fit and Fruitful” have about 50g. And to rub salt I to the wound, there is usually only one gram of protein. Yes, you can add protein to your smoothie, but you are still drinking a lot of carbs. You could have had a cheeseburger on a bun for less carbs and you are choosing a smoothie instead?

If you want to maintain your weight or lose weight, you should consider between 50g and 100g per day. You wind up blowing most of your day’s carbs on this one drink and it will also cause a massive sugar mood roller coaster ride. You will be really tired later, when the roller coaster comes down and you are now craving more hair of the dog that bit you–sugar. And if you don’t follow the rules of 6 proteins every 3 to 4 hours, two servings of fruit a day and four servings of vegetables (no starches) per day, then your weight loss will be questionable. You need protein to lose weight, gain muscle and to fend off hunger cravings. These smoothies will not do the job.

For those of you who argue that fruit is healthy, yes to is, but not squeezed from large quantities and without pulp and especially not if the fruit is genetically modified.

INSTEAD: Eat two small cup-sized servings of organic fruit a day. Berries and citrus are the lowest in carbs. Have one earlier in the day with your protein and one later in the day with a protein. Or make your own smoothie with the right amount of fruit, protein powder, some almond milk and lots of ice. Heck, throw some spinach in too. It is all blended and tastes great. You can even throw in a little Splenda, Truvia or Stevia.

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