Making Food/Diet Accomodations at Fast Food Joints

I was in a hurry and needed a quick drive thru salad.  I haven’t had taco meat in a long time and I saw a Taco Bell.  I pulled over and quickly Googled the facts.  A regular Fiesta Beef Taco Salad is about 40g of carbs.  Too many for one stupid meal.  So, I noticed that there was a listing for a Fiesta Beef Taco salad, Fresco style (lighter cheese) and Low-Carb style (no rice, beans, tortilla strips or shell).  It was lettuce, taco meat, tomato, cheese and sour cream with salsa on a plate.  It probably lacked decent nutrients as it was iceberg lettuce, no veggies and GMO ingredients.  But, the meal was decent for a once-in-awhile deal and it was 8g of carbs.  Not bad for a tasty fast food lunch.


I have done this with the In and Out Burger.  it is 11g of carbs for the lettuce wrapped burger with cheese (protein style) vs. 39g of carbs with the bun.  The bread, tortilla and taco shells REALLY make a difference if you want to lose weight.

So, consider making accomodations from now on.


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