Do You Hate To Exercise?

I used to hate to exercise.  I didn’t grow up with a mother who was into it, but with time, I realized that I did like to exercise, I loved to ride my bike.  I should have been encouraged to exercise in an enjoyable way.  Some people like different things.  Some people prefer hiking, skiing, dancing, etc.  Those exercises should be encouraged and parents should encourage them with their children.  Playstation and watching people run in a video game is NOT encouraging your child to learn to love exercise.  Take your kids to the park and toss a ball, fly a kite, play on swings, ride bikes, go roller skating, etc.

We need to be role models for our children and we need to FIND time to take care of yourselves.  A study came out yesterday that exercising at least 15 minutes after EVERY meal cut the diabetes risk in half.  And the kicker–exercising cuts down on sugar cravings and it helps release chemicals in the brain to feel happier!  It is nature’s mood stabilizer.

I personally now enjoy doing an hour on my elliptical at home and I read emails and such on my IPAD while on there.  I then feel like I am killing two birds with one big stone and the time goes faster!  You can also watch your favorite TV show.  I also love group pilates and yoga and go to both equaling 4-5 times a week.

What is the point of working your kids homework and schoolwork to the bone and then they can’t enjoy the fruition of their hard work because they are sickly early in adulthood with terrible diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart issues from obesity?  Exercise is an important part of every day’s plan!  OR it should be.

Ways to exercise for fun (find one you enjoy and you could also do with a friend, mate or children)


  • Exercise group classes (mine are yoga and pilates)
  • Aerobic classes or online at home
  • The WII Fit
  • Riding a bike, roller skating or blading
  • Hiking
  • Skiing (seasonal and costs money)
  • Walking or Running (with a dog too).  Instead of meeting a friend for coffee, meet for a walk or another exercise activity.
  • Swimming
  • Gym workouts, weight training
  • Boxing or kickboxing
  • Dancing
  • Zumba or other dance classes
  • Jump roping or trampoline (Sky Zone places too)
  • At home elliptical, walking or biking machine

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