I had a BIG conversation yesterday with my husband about my childhood.  I was always a bit chunky.  Not fat, but I was a chunk kid, always wishing to be skinny and fit into the Dittos Jeans that the other girls could wear.  I hated that my butt was so big.  Later in my years, my stomach caught up with it.  But, not so much as a kid.

I never understood why I was bigger than the other girls.  I thought I didn’t overeat, but now that I have the tools, I know that I did.


My mother LOVED taking us to Bob’s Big Boy.  We would have the Big Boy Combo, sometimes the Sundae or the Decadent Hot Fudge Cake.

So, I Googled it yesterday.  OMG!

The fries alone are 30g of carbs.  The burger (lots of bun) is 95g of carbs!  I also had salad with Thousand Island Dressing.  Don’t even want to think about that.  So, just with the fries and the burger–125g of carbs for one meal, not counting the salad or desert.  The hot fudge cake was over 100g of carbs.  So, now that I NEVER have less than 50g of carbs in a day and I never have OVER 100g of carbs a day to maintain being skinny, then imagine what I was doing to myself as a kid, just in one meal.  I also ate cereal which could have been a good 40g of carbs (unless I had a second helping and had more) and there are more carbs.  I also did bagels, toast, Cream of Wheat, dinner rolls, Hawaiian rolls, sandwiches (with bread), Hostess products, pancakes (with full on maple fattening syrup), cookies.  I was a walking sugar, carb junkie.  So, yes, that is why my butt was big.

Teach yourself and your kids to stick to the basics to stay thin.  This is what I do now.  Still at goal.



Keys to Small Butt Success:

1.  **6 meals a day, 6 have to be protein based.  Stick with meats, eggs, milk products, tofu, (watch the carb content of nuts).  Have two small servings of fruits and 4 small servings of vegetables a day.  2 small salads a day.  If you have bread, make sure it is low carb.  Stay away from starchy vegetables as much as possible.**

2.  Cheating should only be once a week and carb count.

3.  Weigh yourself daily to keep apprised of how you are doing.

4.  Drink non-sugary fluids all day long.

5.  Exercise, minimally 3 times a week.  Get some resistance training in there, besides aerobic.  Break it up.

6.  Count carbs (50-100g of carbs per day)

2 thoughts on “BIG BOY=BIG BUTT

    • Nice bigger butts don’t come from food, they come from workouts. I suggest lunges and squats, as well as walking or cycling to get things toned up and firm. A big flabby butt is not pretty.

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