Today: A Story on How Ignoring Your Body Ruins People’s Lives

I moved to my house in the late nineties and one of the nicest men lived near us.  He is a USC social worker grad and then became a lawyer.  Had a child  with his really nice wife in their forties, after years of trying for a child.
Their cocker spaniels were the joy of their life before the girl was born…and even then, they love dogs.
Then, the mother decided to be stay at home and the second income was cut.  When the girl turned of school-age, they decided to sell and move to a district with a better known school system, despite the nearby schools being ribbon schools.  They incurred debt, with a house twice the size of the first one.
He bust his balls working.  To save money, he didn’t hire an assistant, but he should have.  He therefore, had no time for the gym, no time to eat right.  He was overweight and out of shape. Probably no time for doctors either.
His wife would call him to come home, but he was working late for money fears.  New cars, bigger house, kid medical problems, not hiring help.  Had to start working for a firm and not himself and got medical coverage there.
My husband was worried about him.
I am sad to say he died last night.  He was only 56.  The little girl will go to her prom and someday her wedding with no father there.  Truly sad.  Truly a nice man.
Please consider putting your health first.  Above STUFF, above work.  Life is truly short and if you don’t eat right or exercise, it truly will be short.
Saying a little prayer for the Marks family….

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