New Snack Food With Chocolate In It

When I need a quick protein snack/food (out of 6 protein foods for the day)  and I need to bring something with me, I usually grab my favorite protein bars–either a Power Crunch bar or Nature Valley Protein Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter bar because they have the largest amount of Protein and the lowest amount of carbs and still taste good.  However, I found something that some people might like.   I found the box at Costco!  I think it is new too.  Fiber One Protein Caramel Nut.  It has 7g of Protein, 16g of carbs. There is 5g of fiber, so net carbs is 11g.  Not bad for a sweet bar.  I had it.  I still love the other two more, but it was nice to have something different for a change.  You might love it.  Some people LOVE caramel…it was never my bag.


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