Christmas Eve and all of its Goodies

Tonight, my husband and I wanted a quiet dinner alone.  I made us a delicious cauliflower-based pizza (we shared a 10 inch pizza) and had some salad.  I made two, so there are leftovers.

pizzanightDinner was delish.  I have Carbolite for dessert (low carb, sugar-free ice cream).  My tummy is happy and I will have had low enough carbs NOT to gain weight.

I have friends who are having Chicken or Turkey dinners and that is great, as long as they stick to vegetables, salad and try to skip the pies.  You can have a bite, maybe two.  But, the sugar is not good for you and if you want to lose weight or MAINTAIN, unless you had no carbs all day, you can’t afford to have so many in one go.  A slice has about 40g of carbs and Costco pie has 47g (they are always more carbilicious).  There is 37g of sugar in a Costco pumpkin pie slice.  That is about 9 sugar cubes.  Apple pie has about 57g of carbs in a slice.

If you want to lose weight, you want close to 50g of carbs a day and up to 100g.  If you want to maintain, you don’t want to go over 100g of carbs.  If a slice of pie is HALF of your day’s carbs, what will happen if you eat your yams, potatoes, bread and other carbs too?  And have a small plate of food, but please don’t get seconds!

So, eat your proteins, fibers, veggies, fruit (to a limit) and watch those carbs.  You can do it.  And exercise if you mess up!  Go for a walk today or tomorrow–or both.


Happy Holidays from Skinny-Rules!




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