Weight Loss Puzzle: Reason and Solution to Why Your Body Weight is Stuck




What is the missing puzzle piece that keeps me from losing weight?  It is Homeostasis!

Your body has a regulator that gets alerted when you throw off by messing up the usual balance.  The regulator is called, “homeostasis.”

DEFINITION (then solution):

“Homeostasis is what your body is trying to do when it can’t lose weight…”

Your metabolism has a regulator. Because we live active lives and are subject to random events, imbalances occur. Another way of saying this is excess and deficiencies occur within the body.

Homeostasis is defined as:

“(physiology) The ability of a system or living organism to adjust its internal environment to maintain a stable equilibrium [from Greek:hómos, ‘equal’; and istēmi, ‘to stand’ lit. ‘to stand equally’] “

Your body, its metabolism and the various systems are constantly trying to attain the highest level of living they can. There are complex and sophisticated systems that help it do that, so there is no one diet that works for everyone. To lose weight by losing fat, you have to be able to look at what is current state of imbalance and move towards an optimum.

The body’s ability to adapt to changing external and internal changes and imbalances, your nutritional needs will change and so will your physical needs to maintain optimal physical health.

No matter what commercial diet you chose or what commercial exercise your chose, there will always be a point where it will stop working because your body has adapted through homeostasis to that environment.

Also, it also explains why some diets and exercise plans to not work for others at all.


So, you have to help this regulator, by allowing it to do its job.  So, the reason that you need to:

1.  Eat small balanced meals every 3-4 with enough protein and veggies is to keep the body happily regulating, but still allowing your body to lose weight from lower carb content. (50g to 100g a day)

2.  Keep up regular exercise and do different varieties to keep the body working hard to lose the weight.  Walking, light weights, muscle conditioning and core work.

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