Oui Oui, French Toast!!!

I missed french toast.  Regular french toast is carbilicious!  ONE thin slice of it has about 18g of  carbs, and a thick piece has about 23g of carbs.  JUST ONE PIECE.

Then, there is the syrup.  Regular maple syrup has over 50g of carbs per 2 tablespoons.  DID YOU READ THAT RIGHT?  for only 2 tablespoons, it has more carbs than you should have in a meal!  Some are a little less, some are a little more…but that is insanity!  No wonder why I had a weight problem.  Then, there was the french toast too!


The lighter syrups all vary.  They go by the quarter cup.  Some of them are over 20g of carbs per quarter cup…which is better, but it isn’t great when there are some that vary between 8g and 12g per quarter cup.  Some of the better ones are the Maple Farms Sugar Free Maple Syrup (available at Ralphs and other markets) , Mrs. Buttersworth Sugar Free Maple Syrup at places like Walmart, and Cary’s Sugar Free at Target, Smart and Final, and other stores.  My sister-in-law got me IHOP’s Sugar Free Maple Syrup, which is on Amazon.com and it is only 6g of carbs per quarter cup–which is outstanding.  They all taste good and not as sickenly sweet and going to put you into some diabetic spell if you eat them regularly.


Then, there is the French Toast.  I feel there are two ways to go.  If you had regular bread, you are going to have at least 15g of carbs per slice.  However, you could either:

1.  Use Sara Lee 45 Calorie Bread and dip it in one egg or egg white batter and put some Splenda and cinnamon on it (1 slice is only 8g of carbs).

2. Use the Paleo Bread by Julian Bakery (available online at JulianBakery.com or find it at a specialty store near you), which is NET ZERO carbs and there is no gluten or wheat. Splenda/cinnamon.


I wound up making egg-white Paleo Bread, with Sugar Free syrup and 2 chicken sausages.

It was totally delicious (No way I use a quarter cup of syrup) and less than 5g of carbs for the whole thing.  Regular French toast with syrup would have been about 75g of carbs for only one slice.  (and you know you have had more than one slice before!)  If I had splurged and had 2 piecese, it would have been less than 10g for the whole thing.  It tasted good and I was full.

I recommend trying this.  This way you don’t get bored with your eggs everyday.

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