7 Worst Carbs That You Should AVOID

If you are really serious about weight loss, then there are healthy carbs (mentioned several times in other blog days, like fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, whole grains and brown rice (although grains and rice are my last choice because they are high in carbs), etc.) and there are bad carbs.  Why are they bad?  Because the bad ones are refined carbs, so they WILL enter your blood system quickly (which will cause your insulin levels to spike and your body to store fat).

Here are the bad (refined) carbs:

1.  Chips, fries
2.  Sugary deserts (doughnuts, pastries, cookies, cakes, pies, candies)
3.  Cola and carbonated beverages
4.  Sugar, honey, syrup, jam, jelly, molasses
5.  White bread

6.  Pasta is bad (high in carbs), but there are alternatives like the high protein pastas you can order online at Lindora.com, Carbessentials.net, netrition.com and other online stores.  Also, Miracle noodles or Shiktaki noodles are low in carbs).  Pasta is hard to give up, so try the replacements.  They are good and they won’t make you fat or go into your blood system too quickly, causing the sugar rollercoaster and cravings.

7.  Also, I have to add Potatoes to the list only because they also spike your blood glucose and they are very high in carbs.  I know it is hard to give up if you are addicted, but you have to try.  You will have trouble losing weight on them.  Trust me, I know.  You want to be thin, then you have to SACRIFICE and deal with it.

Find an online high protein/low carb pasta replacement and learn how to make positive changes and CHOICES.  You will feel liberated and free!  Love yourself and your body.  Don’t let your cravings (which go away in a week or two after abstaining) take over your life.

Do you love yourself enough to do this?

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