FIGHT the addiction! Prep Meals Ahead of Time

There is a good website for calorie counting, that also gives helpful hints.  Today’s article is about working moms and prepping ahead of time for food to be in the house for kids so that they eat well.

I counsel people and I find that many issues are about food.  The cause for being tired and overweight is food and the food is the cause of being tired and overweight.  It is a vicious circle.  Everyone is tired.  So, people get lazy.  They eat boring quick, bland meals, they eat out at chain restaurants, which serve high calorie/high carb/high sodium meals or fast food.  The problems seem to be about addiction, self-entitlement, and time issues.

I have clients who think that it is okay to go to Wendy’s for a meal and that this serves as a nutritious meal.  I have clients who don’t want to cook and they will go to McDonalds and get one ( maybe two) double cheeseburgers, fries and a DIET coke.  (In their mind, that is a protein and a vegetable.)  Then, the test of true laziness and lack of knowledge about food,they will eat a whole bowl of grapes (copious amount of sugar) and wash it down with yet (the irony of it)–a Diet Coke.

It is so frustrating watching people on a carb/sugar addiction cycle being stuck in it–due to cravings created by continuing to eat carbs/sugar, and they are getting sick or are already sick with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, auto immune disorders, leaky gut syndrome, candida overgrowth, etc.  I speak from learning and from my experience of having all of the problems here, but I was not obese yet, no high blood pressure because I do work out and no diabetes yet.  But, it could have been in my future if I didn’t get mad that I had been sucked into the carb/sugar cycle and wanted to find a way out.

Thank goodness for the Groupon ad for Lindora, that got me involved in learning, and I took it from there and kept learning.  I am trying to share it with others, but most people want to believe that this is not a problem and don’t want to see that maybe THEY are responsible for their own ILL health problems.  Because being responsible would mean self-blame.  However, I don’t look at it as blame/shame.   I look at it as, “you didn’t know, but now you should read, learn and try harder and LEARN how to be responsible for getting better so you can be a well, productive person in society. ”  No one should end up in one of those scooters–like the sad Wal-Mart patrons in that People of Wal-Mart website– because they are too fat to walk.  Pick yourself up by your boot straps, and fix this problem.  There are tools.  I am trying to share the ones I learned.  Get over calling your bad choices, “mistakes” and use them now instead as a “learning opportunity.”


If  people would just read more and learn more and just give into the fact that they are addicted to a POOR learned eating style and learn a new way that could be fun and delicious, and not as boring as they think, they would be better off in life.  They would look and feel better, inside and out.  One book that I recommend and most of the clients in the cycle are not wanting to read and learn is:  I wish everyone would just read it and learn.  Also, is another good thing to read and learn how your BAD MISINFORMED food choices are killing you, slowly for some……and not so slowly for others.

Here is a link to a blog about how the brain is affected by the addiction to food.  Worth the read!  Please look at this!  You don’t even realize that you are being sucked into the addiction!


The second part to the problem of  food addiction is that people  have also gotten too tired, sick, lazy and/or have no motivation to do the necessary preparation work.  Also, there is a self-entitlement feelings of “I work hard and I deserve to go out.”  This is the thought e. I deserve to eat well, my family deserves to eat well (eating bad chain food is not eating well), so I will go out (and waste a lot of money on food in a recession).

Six things to do to make it easier to eat dinner at home:

1.  I put together a list of foods that you can eat as a snack or cook every week (see my blog from Sept. 29 on the 20 foods that can be eaten that are good for you and are easy to do.).  I will continue to blog on different recipes and ideas.

2.  Involve the family and start looking up recipes online or in cookbooks that you think are easy or you want to try.  My husband and I just got a recipe for this killer cooked chicken and I am excited to try it.  This could be a family project.  Everyone gets to help pick out healthy recipes and you can take turns on what gets made for the following week.

3.  Create a shopping list for the weekend for the things you need for your family-picked recipes and create a dinner menu for the fridge, which shows what is for dinner every night.

4  Shop on the weekend yourself or your loved one and get everything you need.

5.  Cook at the beginning of the week or on the weekend and make things in advance to eat for the rest of the week.   Make this a family project that takes about an hour or two to do.  Families need to do more together anyway!  This way kids are learning how to cook and be healthy and not just learning to be waited on or ordering out or eating bad food.  You also have more control of getting good vegetables cooked for your kids.

6.  Put the food in your fridge/freezer with labels.

My next blog, I will write about some things you can prep in the week to eat throughout the day, and make it easier to not say, “I have to go to Wendy’s because I have nothing to eat and I am too sick and tired to cook.”  It is like a crack addict heading to the crack den.  Stay away from it!  Stay home and open your fridge!


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