Half of american adults will be obese by 2030!


This article came out.  So, why is this happening? Maybe it is because almost everyone I see around me really does not look into the nutritional content of what they are eating.  They go out, and order a sandwich and a salad, and they think that is pretty healthy.  Well, the healthiness of that choice all depends on how the meal was prepared:  What is in it and what is the content of what is in it?

For example.  I can eat a slice of pizza from Dominoes.  A normal slice of cheese pizza is about 25g carbs and thin pizza is 20g carbs.  But, the worst offender, Costco  (Pizza Hut as a runner-up) is about 70g carbs–for just a regular slice of cheese pizza.  So, the size of the pizza slice and how it is made is important to know.

If you go out to eat, you should have a little information on what you are eating, or you should stick to a salad with a protein, with the dressing on the side.  If you don’t do that or plan and bring things with you, and you just eat whatever, whenever, expect your weight to go up.  My next blog, I want to talk about portions and choices of food, as I saw a heavy girl yesterday eating a very large sandwich AND a bag of chips (she needed all of that like a hole in the head).

Choose wisely today and remember, what is important in a diet or change of lifestyle is not that you are losing a lot of weight at once, it is that you are consistent in your choices and losing, and keeping it off over the long haul.  Eat proportionally, not like this little guy!

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