The Secret

Took my adopted niece out today for low carb shopping at Trader Joes.  She wants to lose a little weight and it is totally do-able.  With her great exercise, if she were to carefully choose her carb content, she will lose Picked tasty things for her to eat.  Lots of goodies.  Different kinds of chicken sausages,, turkey sausages, turkey bacon, cheeses, humus spread, low carb tortillas, fruit, low carb salads, low carb protein bars.  Just good choices.  Some salads with chips and noodles were like 45 carbs and some were only 10 or 13.  You have to read labels.  Every single thing we picked up, She felt empowered and it was great to see it.  When you exercise a lot and don’t watch your portion size, and don’t eat 6 small protein meals a day (with low carbs, keeping it to a minimum of 50 to 100g of carbs per day), you will not lose weight.  Losing weight takes some thinking and for those who think they can do it and keep it off by exercise or by diet alone–are fooling themselves.  Going home now to make some low carb tortillas!


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