Family Matters

Yesterday, I made cauliflower-based pizza with my friend’s daughter.  She struggles with the same past weight issues I struggled with and I enjoy assisting in coming up with new ideas and motivation.

I came to think about how family matters with diet, whether it is biological or close family friends.  Everyone needs motivation to stay focused on their change in eating lifestyle.  I have seen many clients who have been on a diet and fall off of the wagon because they don’t have their friends and family on the same wagon with them.  It is hard to be a food addict or a carb addict when you are surrounded by friends who try to get you to order an appetizer with them because they either don’t have a weight issue YET or they are not in the same mind space to lose the weight yet.  It is also hard when you go home and your family or significant other can eat whatever they want (albeit pure crap and not healthy for their overall wellness), and you are stuck eating the lower carb items.

So, in order to stay motivated.  You have to learn what foods to buy that are healthy and yet, are tasty and fun so that when you smell someone’s nasty cheeseburger, it doesn’t trigger you because you have something else to eat, which will satisfy you.  You also have to learn to speak up and let your friends and family know that the reason you might be falling off of the wagon is because it is hard to stay on a wagon when you have so many potholes around you in your own space!

THE BEST WAY TO LEARN CARBS IS TO START LOOKING UP FOOD ITEMS ONLINE.  Google them and find out the carb content.  Learn!

I had a friend who tried to shame me years ago for not wanting to order an “Awesome Blossom” with her before dinner.  She told me I was, “no fun anymore.”  I told her, “If fun means having big thighs, then I guess I am not fun anymore.”

People can and say whatever they can to get others to do their drug of choice with them…whether it is heroin, cigarettes or carbs.  Don’t let anyone make you feel bad.

Tonight was my anniversary and I went to the Wood Ranch with my husband of 26 years!  The waitress tried to sell us up on the extra cheese and bacon for the baked potato my husband was getting, drinks and appetizers and rolls.  We said, “NO” to all.  I will not let her even bring rolls or appetizers to the table.  I am eating my meat, salad and broccoli and that is enough food for one person.  My husband and I split a two combo meat dinner, a side of broccoli and a small dinner salad.  He had the potato, not me.  I had a huge diet coke and I was full.  Came home to my Carbolite later……although I was thinking of the 12 net carb Cheesecake Factory low carb cheesecake, made with Splenda.

There are alternatives out there, but we have to learn what they are and not be lazy and not allow anyone to shame or suck us into their bad food warp.  We are on a mission for a great, healthy body!  Motivate yourself!  Hang with people who motivate!  Stay away from bad influences!  Food is like crack!  Stay away from things that suck you into the vortex!


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