My Weight Loss Rules That Made Me Skinny and Kept me Skinny, and I EAT!

So, if you want to lose weight, you have to choose to eat better.  You have to make a difference, makes some sacrifices and make a lifestyle change because you have allowed food addiction to rule you and take over your body.
If you choose to lose, here are my rules.  I am still a size 2 (down from a 10 or 12), two and a half years after I changed my ways, and you can be a lower size too.  You are allowed 50-100 carbs a day.  So, you have to count and you will get used to it.

Basically what I do:  6 meals a day, every two to three hours.  You eat every 3-4 hours because you will get hungry and when you eat, then your metabolism will not slow down and burn off slowly.  Believe it or not, eating this way makes your body BURN!   You might even feel hot. 
1.  I basically have a meat and veg salad two times a day, lunch and dinner
2.  I have two small fruit servings a day
3.  I have  an egg, and try to have it different most days and I might make an omelette and throw a piece of low fat cheese in it.
4.  Spinach helps lower food cravings.
5.  If you are hungry, drink something or have a small protein to tide you over, like low-fat baby bell cheese or some kind of low fat cheese or meat.
6.  I eat three protein snacks a day and I vary it between something from, or a protein bar or shake.
7.  Also, you can have nuts and seeds as a protein.  You are better off with unsalted and you need to measure it out.  For example, a measured cup of mixed nuts can be 30g of carbs.  If you want to lose weight, that is like a third of your day’s carbs. So, have half a cup and a piece of cheese, but you are better off not eating an entire cup.  Sunflower and sunflower seeds has a similar carb count at 28g for a full cup.  (sugar is low, so you that is good)
1.  Breakfast:
PROTEIN NUMBER ONE.  I do an egg.  If it makes you happy, have an egg with some bacon or turkey sausage by Jenny-O.
Have a piece of Fruit.  You are better off with berries or citrus.  So have half a grapefruit or some strawberries.  Go ahead, spray whipped cream on it–no carbs or sugar.
Look at the portion size of fruit in the paperwork.  I do half a banana, but I stick to the lowest in carbs–berries and citrus.  Some fruits like Apples and Bananas are high in carbs/sugar.
2.  Snack:  
PROTEIN NUMBER TWO: A protein of your choice.  
PROTEIN CHOICES:  Eggs, cheese, turkey, chicken, sausage, hot dog, etc. You can do a yogurt, but you should try Greek Yogurt, tastes SO much better than regular yogurt and healthier too.  Dannon lite and fit makes a GREEK YOGURT that is really good and low in carbs and sugar.  Get the cherry or raspberry one.  They use beatles for color in their strawberry and blueberry one and that makes me want to puke.  There is low-fat Cottage Cheese too.
Another kind of protein you can do is a protein bar….pick one from the choices and the right size.  Power Crunch bar, the chocolate one and the peanut butter one are two very good flavors. These taste like delicious wafer bars.  There are more at Smart and Final, but these two are the best and Trader Joes prices are slightly better.  The Trader Joe’s protein shakes in a can are really low in carbs (taste better cold).  These are not the thickest shakes, so if you mix in some almond milk, that would be better.
You should try UNSWEETENED vanilla almond milk.  LOW in sugar and carbs and really not bad at all.  Healthier for you and better for a diet.  It is in the refrigerated section near the milk in Trader Joes.
3.  Lunch
I have a protein, but I throw the protein in a salad and make it a big salad.  You have to have salad twice a day.
There is a choice of two veggies (check portion size) to put in the salad if you want.
2 cups lettuce in that salad.  I just do a good salad and I throw in
You can have a fruit serving.  Check size.
4.  Snack:
A protein again.  (see above)
5.  Dinner:
just like lunch.  (see lunch)
6.  Snack:  A protein again.
I do a small Carbolite (now only at a few places like the yogurt store next to Ralphs on Ventura and Topanga and a few out-of-the-way places) or low sugar ice cream like Breyer’s has or Dreyers (usually says no sugar added).  Just a cup of it.  Measure and look at the serving size and carbs on the label.  But, you have to look at how many carbs have added up to pick.  Most proteins have no carbs.  You can have another power crunch bar too.
You can drink Splenda type soda, but get in 80 ounces of fluid a day!
Coffee:  Non fat dairy creamer can be used and Splenda type sweetener
Non Fat salad dressing on salad, I use Trader Joe’s Ginger Soy Non fat and it is so good.  Look at labels.  Balsamic vinaigrette is good and low fat Ranch is usually good.
Take Potassium Glutonate and a multi vitamin daily.
Consider a multi B vitamin to keep your energy up!  I get two B shots a week and weight often.  You should weigh daily and see how it is going!
You can do a grain or bread instead of a protein, but only 3 times a week and look at the size.  Instead of a protein, for example, you can do a slice of wheat toast.  Oatmeal is only half a cup.  Get bread that is low carb and high fiber.  Dave’s Killer Bread at Pavillions and other places…you can look online.  It is good and high in protein and a lot of fiber.  Ezekiel bread at Trader Joes is one of the best.  But, only two slices a week!!  There are low-carb tortillas available at Trader Joes and Costco.  There is a huge difference between a regular carb tortilla and low-carb tortilla.  One is almost 40 carbs and one is under 10.  Also, Western Bagel has low carb (10g) Perfect 10 bagels.  They are tasty and such a great carb count!  And they have protein too.
Restricted diet!!!    But, it works and if you are eating about every 2-3 hours, you won’t die!

New Rules: Your Doctor is Going to Tell You to Lose Weight Next Year

obesity (1)

Expect to hear more about your weight issues from your doctor in the near future. The medical profession is asking their doctors to get their clients on board with weight control.  The new medical insurance out there will provide counseling and programs for people to lose weight.

Obesity is a huge medical problem  There are so many diseases that it can cause.  Losing just 10 pounds and having regular exercise can lower the risks for almost all of the issues.

Here are 10 things that could hurt or kill you, unless you take weight control SERIOUSLY!

medical complications of obesity

1. High Blood Pressure — is the primary cause of death among Americans older than 25. About 75 million people suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension, which is a major risk factor for heart disease.

2. Diabetes Obesity is considered one of the most significant factors in the development of insulin resistance, and insulin resistance can lead to type 2 diabetes.

3. Heart Disease — Obesity is a major risk factor for developing coronary heart disease, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. People who are overweight are at a greater risk of suffering a heart attack before the age of 45. Obese adolescents have a greater chance of having a heart attack before the age of 35 than non-obese adolescents.

4. High Cholesterol levels — High cholesterol is one of the leading causes of heart attacks. Cholesterol is transported through your blood in two ways: the low –density lipoprotein (LDL), which transports cholesterol to the cells that need it, and the high-density lipoprotein (HDL), which is the healthy cholesterol that reduces your risk for heart attack.


5. Cancer — Being overweight increases your chances for developing cancer by 50 percent. Women have a higher risk of developing cancer if they are more than 20 pounds overweight.

6. Infertility — Being obese can cause changes in the hormonal levels of women, which can result in ovarian failure. Women who are 15-25 pounds overweight are at a higher risk of suffering from infertility and ovarian cancer. Our bodies need to be at an appropriate weight to produce the right amount of hormones and regulate ovulation and menstruation. Don’t think men are immune to infertility. Overweight men have a greater chance of developing motility and a lower sperm count.

7. Back Pain — Obesity is one the contributing factors of back and joint pain. Excessive weight can cause injury to the most vulnerable parts of the spine, which carries the body’s weight. When it has to carry excess weight, the odds of suffering from a spinal injury or structural damage increase. Being overweight also raises the risk of developing osteoporosis, lower back pain, arthritis, and osteoarthritis. Losing 10-15 pounds can help you decrease the risk of developing these problems.

8. Skin Infections — Obese and overweight individuals may have skin that folds over on itself. These creased areas can become irritated from the rubbing and sweating, which can lead to skin infections.

9. Ulcers — Obesity can be a contributing factor to the development of gastric ulcers.Overweight men are at a greater risk of developing gastric ulcers than women.

10. Gallstones — Being severely overweight increases the risk of developing gallstones, especially in women. Gallstones are caused when the liver releases excessive amounts of bile, which is stored in the gallbladder. Gallstones are more common in older women and those with a family history of gallstones.



Please consider starting to exercise and lose weight by following the RULES:

The Rules For Losing Weight

I have written about rules to lose weight.  Instead of writing them all over again, I will post them again from time to time.

Here are the links to the blogs I have written before about the RULES to lose weight.  Read for the first time or brush up!  Sometimes, we just forget and get into bad habits.


The Rules Work! 10 Rules to Follow and you Can Still Enjoy Life

I joined a couple of chat rooms about being skinny and/or dieting.  It is so upsetting to see so many people struggling with their weight and looking for a miracle or advice that will work.  Some are ordering fiber that fills them up, or other magic pills.  You know, I tried a few myself.  I tried the Raspberry Ketones and it didn’t work.  I tried some carb blockers–saw nothing.  Even if something helps a little, it will not keep it off.  You have to do the work.  There is no cheating.

I think that the biggest issue is that you feel like you will feel deprived.  I have had people tell me that they don’t want to start a diet until after their birthday, or a vacation, or a wedding, or whatever.  They want to eat cake, etc.  That is silly.  Regardless of what event comes up, there will ALWAYS be events that come up.  If you are going to indulge, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still follow dieting or lifestyle change rules and just work it into your week.  Even Weight Watchers has let you save up points for special treats.


So, here are 10 Rules to follow and still enjoy life.  

1.  You need to be ok with the idea of cutting bread, cereal, rice and potatoes either out of your life like me, or cut down to only one or two portions a week of one of these items.  Just remember, these items are high on the carbs and even the glycemic index.  They are not necessary in your diet and the value of what they give you nutritionally pales in comparison to proteins, fruits and vegetables.  Need fiber?  Take some in a drink or eat your crunchy vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, etc).

2.  Learn how to find substitutes for the things that you like.  I like pancakes once in a while, so I get low-carb baking mix.  Last couple of blogs I explained this.  There are substitutes for pizza crust like cauliflower or with wheat in it–Flat Out bread–lower carbs.

3.  Prepare more.  So many people are in my opinion, not in the habit of doing it or are just really lazy and don’t prepare the night before–what they will eat.  I always have protein bars, drinks, mixes from, hard-boiled eggs done from Costco, low-fat string cheese, and low-carb Dannon Greek Lite and Fit yogurt.  If I have to run out the door, I will grab as many things as I think I will need based on the amount of hours I will be gone.  I bring an egg for my breakfast and something for 3 to 4 hours later.  If I think I will be gone longer, then I bring cheese, yogurt, or a low-carb protein bar with me–sometimes two, if I am unsure about time.  They don’t go bad out of the refrigerator.

4.  I know people who are not well, they sleep in and then run out the door and do not have food with them and didn’t think to grab any prepared item, so they need to know where to go to get a fast protein meal (you need 6 small protein meals a day).  Fast food places will sell you sides–eggs, bacon, etc.  Get those and they are cheap.  A side of eggs and bacon at Jack in the Box is actually tasty and under $2.  You can also pick up a quick salad at those places or even a market.  Just make sure it is low-carb and no chinese noodles or croutons–all of the carbs are there!

5.  You will not feel hungry and like you will die if you keep eating protein every 3-4 hours.  You might feel sugar cravings at first (I did for a few weeks and then it gets better, I promise), but if you eat 4 ounces of a meat or have a couple of lite string cheeses, then you feel better again.  You don’t have to have major carbs to feel good, you just think you do.  I also drink coffee with non-dairy creamer in it and I feel better and more full afterwards.

6.  Every time you indulge and eat something very sugary, you will start those high and low cravings all over again because your body will use up the sugar and want more.  It is sugar addiction and it has you hooked.  So, if you really think you need a “hit”, then that is a good time to have one of your small cup sized servings of a fruit (two a day).  Citrus and berries are lowest carbs and others have more–especially bananas.

7.  Exercise.  It helps burn calories and helps with the cravings.  You would be surprised at how well it works.

8.  Take vitamins and minerals daily because sometimes cravings are actually your body’s way of screaming for nutrients.

9.  Drink 60 ounces of water (or flavor it with something non-sugary) a day because dehydration makes you hungry too.

10.  If you go to a special event and want to eat cake, you will have to cut down on the carbs on every meal you are having the whole rest of the day.  If a piece of cake is say, 40g of carbs (look it up online on a nutrition calculator), then you need to have somewhere between 10g and 60g of carbs with the rest of your foods for the day.  YOU SHOULD HAVE 50g to 100g of carbs a day and no more to lose weight)


Be happy, you are going to lose weight!

Emergency Hunger Rules and Ideas

I thought about the lady in yesterday’s blog, who was hungry and perhaps emotionally eating. I thought about what to do in a hunger emergency, so you don’t sabotage yourself in a glucose-low, and fill up on a high sugar item and keep feeding the vicious cycle of the blood sugar roller coaster–which leads to weight issues and poor health.

First of all, you should be eating a protein portion (4 to 6 ounces of meat, an egg or some cup of cheese. If you do this, you will cut down significantly on those lows. But, when you first lower sugar and carb intake, the lows are more felt and more often, until your body gets used to the new lifestyle. This could take around a week.

So, lastly, when you feel hungry, here is what you can do to fill in the gap until your next protein meal out of your minimum of six per day, spread out 3 to 4 hours in-between each meal.

Emergency Food

1. Have one of your four daily half-cup portions of vegetables. Or do two. Have one of your two small portions of salads and/or put your vegetables in it.

2. Have a liquid protein shake, about 6 ounces. This should cut your craving down significantly.

3. Have a small extra portion of a very low carb protein–meat, egg, cheese. You can do Greek yogurt, but keep in mind that if you do a flavored yogurt, pick wisely. One person I know loves Chobani and it is loaded in sugar and carbs. No wonder she likes it. Dannon Lite and Fit flavored Greek Yogurt has less than half of the sugar and carbs. If you eat the Chobani, you probably might as well eat the jelly beans (don’t).

4. Have just a few ounces of nuts or seeds.

5. Have one of your two small fruits that you can have in a day. Stick with lower sugar fruits if you can, like citrus or berries. You can even blend some into that protein shake/drink.

6. Have a low carb protein bar Ike Power Crunch, at 10g of carbs.

7. Make a low carb pizza, made with a cauliflower base. I have blogged about it before, but you can look at this particular recipe.

8. The low carb version of a Taco Bell Supreme item. I buy low carb burrito shells at Costco or Trader Joes, but they are at other places. They say low carb on them. Compare and Contrast. But, I make this all of the time and it is delicious.

9. Have these delicious soy pretend-pasta noodles. I have had them and they are good. Miracle Noodles aren’t good. These are good. They are at Ralph’s and A little pasta lower sugar pasta sauce and cheese us yummy and filling.


Writing this blog made me hungry. I am going to go make number 8, right now.

Ten Nutshell Rules on How to Get and Stay Skinny

Someone I know has been doing low carb and wrote me for advice.  Most of what I tell people to do is on Skinny-Rules, if you scroll back to September, 2012 and just keep reading.  This person who wrote me said that they need recipes and ideas.

 Ten Nutshell Rules on How to Get Skinny and Stay Skinny!

1.  LOW CARB:  Get a few basic decent easy low carb recipes.  I have written about them.  Cauliflower-based pizza, chicken burrito in a low carb tortilla, greek yogurt (Dannon Lite and Fit), protein bars like Nature Valley PROTEIN Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter (at Target and, Power Crunch (online, Trader Joes, Smart and Final), cheese, eggs (omelette), chicken or turkey sausage, bacon, turkey patties to grill, turkey meatloaf (on blog too), different variety of salad with meat, cheese, sunflower seeds, veggies.  Finding restaurants that have good protein-style salads, good meat and veggies (no pasta or rice).  I made my own Chicken Masala with Splenda instead of sugar.

2.  There are a ton of low carb cookbooks on Amazon.  Get one.   Here is one.  You can Google recipes too.  And for God’s sake, go back and read my blog entries.  I write it all.  Recipes, ideas, how-tos, inspiration.  It is all there.  I worked hard on this to help others.  I don’t get anything for it.

3.  Plan like when you have a baby and are leaving the house or when you are in school and prepping for class.  PLAN!  Plan and prep what you need every week (shop) and prepare the night before or get up extra early and plan what you will bring with you to eat every 3-4 hours or plan where you will go to get what you need.  Even Chick Fil A has a healthy chargrilled chicken salad.  I always carry sunflower seeds or a protein bar in my purse for emergencies where I need food.  Don’t let yourself starve and mess up your metabolism and don’t put yourself in the position to have to succumb to bad food.

4.  Always drink fluids.

5.  If all you have in front of you to eat  is high carb food, try to work with it.  Get a burger, either protein style it in a lettuce wrap or just throw out the bun.  If you have pasta with meat in it, eat the meat and not the pasta.  Fill up on salad if it is there.  Try to find out what meals you will be around and prep if you can, bring something to eat if you have to do it.  You don’t have to eat crap, wherever you go!

6.  Don’t have more than 4-6 ounces of meat at each of your daily 6 protein servings.  Get a scale and weigh food for a while to get a handle on what that amount looks like so you can just look at meat and guess the ounces on it.

7.  Twice a day, have salad and veggies with a meal.  Small portion sizes.

8.  No alcohol on a diet.  Messes up your fat burning and gives you extra carbs.

9.  Don’t let your friends/family sabotage you.  This is your diet and tell them to knock it off.  It is just like having someone try to get you to take heroin when you are in recovery.  It is called “enabling” and “sabotage”.  This is not friendship or love.  This is them trying to suck  you back into their dysfunctional hole.  Don’t go there.  You worked too hard to get out.

10.  Exercise and no excuses.  People keep asking me to do things and I only do things when they don’t interfere with getting in my exercise or it is a special occasion.  I have to be disciplined to stay skinny.

Five Diet Cheating Rules

Congratulations to my friend, S.H. (you know who you are!) for losing all of her weight through the rules I write about!  She has finally made goal due to determination and motivation to do it.  She didn’t half-ass it and she followed the rules.  Right on S.H.!

Then, I had another friend who lost a lot of weight, but was stuck.  When we dug into what she was doing, it was because she had TWO cheat days a week.  Well, my diet rules do NOT include cheat days, so why she decided that two cheat days was a good idea is beyond me, but in my mind it was her way of coming up with an excuse to CHEAT.  These cheating excuses is why we get fat in the first place.

What is a cheat?  A cheat meal is when you allow yourself something that you normally abstain from.

You should follow the rules about protein and vegetable and fruit portions at least 6 days a week, but once a week usually works for a cheat, if you must do it.  This is where you eat properly for all of  meals except  maybe a Friday dinner out. When you eat right for 6 days a week, one cheat meal on the 7th day will still allow you to reach your goals.  But there are rules!


1.  ONE cheat meal a week.

2.  Stick to a cheat meal, rather than a cheat day. An entire days worth of binging can create unhealthy patterns and actually lead to weight gain, spiked blood sugar levels and a generally unhealthy relationship with food. Reserve “cheat days” for 4 times a year – your birthday, Thanksgiving, and two holiday get-togethers, where you have little control over what’s put in front of you. If your cheat days number more than 4 a year, you are not in control.

3.  As for the cheat meal itself, your weekly cheat meal should still be within the confines of your daily calorie count or CARB count. Yes, even your cheating needs to be recorded in a food diary or you could undue an entire week’s work.  If you eat carbs, keep your count under 100, whatever the cheat is or you will not lose weight and you could actually undue a week of hard work all in one day.

4.  The easiest way to stay within your calorie or carb count is by limiting your portions. Say Chicken Parmesan is your cheat; have one small plateful, with a side of vegetables, and freeze any leftovers you may have for use on your next cheat meal.

5.  Whatever you do, exercise!  It helps burn the cheat away.


Some people need a cheat to give them the willpower to continue the diet.  I did not want to stray because I was so determined and on a mission to get to my goal, but I realize that not everyone can do it and need to have something to look forward to doing.  Just follow the rules on the cheat though!

The best part about cheat meals is that the longer you stick to your healthy diet, the less sinful the cheat meals will become. You’re going to find you’re no longer lusting after that greasy boston creme donut, that you’d rather save the calories. You’ll find you’d rather have fruit and yogurt than an ice cream cone. Trust me, your tastes start to change for the better, and so will your body.

My cheat (daily) that isn’t really a cheat at all is my 8 ounces of Carbolite at 13-17 grams of carbs per serving.  I use it as one of my six daily proteins, so it isn’t really a cheat, but tastes like one–thereby eliminating my “need” to cheat.  However, if you don’t have something like that, then I can see how a cheat would be desired.  My other fake cheats are Greek Yogurt and Strawberries.  YUM!  There are also chocolate type low carb items that I have that could be a fake cheat too, like my Nature Valley Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate protein bar at 11g of carbs and my Power Crunch bars at 10 g of carbs.  Because I eat those, my desire to cheat is less.

I also make a caulflower-based pizza and eat Skinny noodles with pasta sauce now and then.  And I also have the pancake mix as a “cheat”, even though it isn’t.

So, you get my point?  You can stay on the diet and still feel like you are cheating…so what is the point of cheating to the point of putting your hard work back on your body?

You have to be creative and do your research–or just read my blog!  I have the best suggestions!

Pictures below are my faux cheats.  My yogurt and strawberries at 16g of carbs, cauliflower-based pizza less than 10 g of carbs, and my low-carb chicken burrito with  9 g of carburritos2bs each.yogurtcauliflowerpizza



10 Rules So You Can Lose About 10 pounds a Month.

If you look at my blogs, especially the ones that I wrote in Sept, 2012 , you will read a lot about the rules in what to do in order to lose weight. I lost 40 pounds in 4 months with these basic rules.  But, some people are new and need to know the rules and some people might have forgotten or need a refresher.  So…..


To recap what some of the rules are:

1. You have to eat 6 small protein based meals a day, about 4 hours apart.  Basically, 3 meals a day, 3 snacks a day, but all protein-based.  Meats are about 4-6 ounces per serving.

2. It is easy to find low carbs proteins in eggs, all types of meat, protein bars, protein shakes, nuts, seeds, cheese, low carb dairy treats, cottage cheese, and Greek yogurt.

3. You should only have between 50g and 100g carbohydrates a day.  So, as far as measurements go, look at labels.  If something is more than 15g of carbs per serving, then that might be too much.  You need to average out about 10g of carbs per serving and if you are eating something that is more than that, then you need to take it away from something else during the day. Do not do less than 50g of carbs a day.

4.  Buy a carbohydrate guide or use the internet and look online to see what amount of carbohydrates are in certain things. After while you will just remember things like that there is only 1 g of carbs in an egg.

5.  Take Potassium Gluconate 19g mg twice a day or  99mg, two orally twice a day.

6.  Fruit, twice a day.  About half a cup on most fruits, 1/2 a banana (high in carbs), a medium orange, etc.

7.  Vegetables, twice a day.  About a cup on most vegetables, except for items like carrots (starches).  Avoid starchy veggies like potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes.

8.  A cup of lettuce each time, twice a day.  And low-carb salad dressing.

9.  80 ounces of water or sugar-free drinks a day.

10.  Get in some form of exercise at least 3 times per week.

SKINNY DIET RULES, abbreviated

I am done with my Plateau Diet for now.  However, I will continue to be careful for a few days.  I lost almost two pounds and that is what I gained.

My advice on a diet:  To remember that it is not a diet, that it is a way of life.

If you want to remain skinny, you can’t just go back to your bad habits that made you heavy in the first place.


Weigh yourself daily to keep apprised of your weight loss and how you are doing.  If you are following the low-carb plan that I have written about and you are not losing, then you are not following the rules.  Here are the rules!  Print this out for easy access.


1.  6 small portions (about 4-6 ounces) of protein like meat, low-fat cheese, tofu, fish, poultry or an egg or two egg whites, half a cup of Greek Yogurt, measured nuts,  1 cup of milk, or a low-carb protein bar or drink, spread about to every 3-4 hours.

.–You can have nuts, but they have to be measured out.  You can’t have upteen nuts.  Basically 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup per portion.  You have to measure.  You can have a vegetarian burger, but only 1/3 a cup…they have more carbs.  (my downfall last week was that I was being lazy and wasn’t  measuring my nuts.

–Fish should be less than 4 ounces and should only be white fish.  Others have too much fat/carbs.

2.  2 cups of lettuce for lunch and 2 cups for dinner.  Use low carb dressing.

3.  You can also have 1 vegetable portion at lunch and 1 at dinner.  I usually have two veggies in my salad and split the difference between the two.

–Vegetable portions are about a cup, except if they are starches like carrots or jicama, then you use half a cup.  I gave up potatoes of all kinds when in weight loss mode because there are too many carbs and unless you are running a marathon, I am not sure how you would burn them off.  Things like celery, asparagus, collard greens–you can increase the amount to a cup.  Mushrooms–two cups.  A tomato should be one, small in size.

4.  Fruit should be 2, twice a day.  Many summer fruits and bananas are high in carbs, even cantaloupe (1/4 of one).  If you want to keep the carbs down, you should do berries or citrus fruits.  A normal-sized item like a nectarine (summer fruit), only half of it.  Citrus fruit like an orange, a whole one.  Berries like strawberries, etc.–a cup.  And those sizes are per serving.  There are two servings a day in fruit.

No mayo.  Use mustard or Margarine.

Use non dairy fat-free creamer in your coffee and watch the amount.  If you use milk, that is considered a protein and should be subtracted from your daily 6 proteins if it goes up to or more than a cup of milk.

5.  Hydrate often with sugar-free water products.

6.  You can replace a fruit with a bread product go once or twice a week.  So, one slice of bread (try to get lower carb bread) or about 3/4 cup of lower carb cereal (but remember, cereal is very high in carbs–regardless), or half a cup of oatmeal or cream of wheat.  I personally gave up on all of this during the weight loss phase and only returned a little to lower carb tortillas or bread about once a week.

7.  Exercise and take a multi vitamin and potassium supplements.  

8.  When hungry, remember that it is almost time for a protein again and you can try to hold on with getting more to drink, some great coffee or if you must, get a low carb protein drink and drink that to tide you over.  Don’t slip into finding something to munch on or nibble on….it will lead you off track.  Coffee became my friend during this period.

9.  Look up low carb recipes and try some new things with what you are allowed to have.

10.  You have to prepare the night before or the morning of and make sure you know what you are eating or bring things with you!  Always carry a protein bar or measured out nuts with you in case you can’t get to food and your 3-4 hour mark is hitting and you feel some hunger.  If you eat every 3-4 hours, you should not be suffering.  And if you are, drink something.  Sometimes when you are dehydrated, you actually feel hungry.

5 RULES for daily eating to lose weight and stay in Ketosis

After checking with your doctor before you start……

1.  Eat protein 6 times a day, spaced out over 3-4 hours.

2.  Kinds of protein:  3 solids, 3 liquids. The protein should be something solid like an egg or cheese in the AM, then liquid protein, then something solid for lunch like some meat, then a liquid protein, then repeat for dinner–something solid and then lastly, a liquid protein.  Serving sizes:

Do that for 3 days.  It is hard when your body is used to more food, but you will be burning big time and you have to shock the body into Ketosis.

3.  Fourth day, you can introduce two servings of veggies per day and two servings of fruit per day.

Here is my blog where I talk about serving sizes:

4.  Drink fluids.  Anything that is dietetic.  Do not drink anything with calorific sugar or fruit juice.  If you have coffee, no milk, just non dairy creamer and only a little per cup.  If you have milk, then you use low fat and you have to measure it out and you take it away from one of your proteins per day, which sucks and which is why I got used to non-dairy creamer.  I never wanted to lose a meal for some lousy milk!

5.  Take Multi-Vitamins, especially with B Complex and Potassium, DAILY!  I take Potassium separately, daily.

Tomorow:  I will disccuss how to break a diet plateau, when your body gets stuck and doesn’t want to move on the scale!